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Park Rules



R.V.s and Site


Upon Arrival, the exterior of the RV will be inspected. Big Tree RV Park does reserve the right to decline an RV based on condition of the RV at the time of arrival.


All RV's that are staying on a monthly basis must check in between the following hours below:

Monday - Friday 12PM to 5PM

Saturday and Sunday 3PM to 5PM

Check-In (for non-monthly guests): 12PM (Noon)

Check-Out (for non-monthly guests): 12PM (Noon)

It is required that the appearance and functionality of your RV remains in good condition.  You are required to wash your RV once every four months.  You may wash your R.V. on your site. When it is time to wash your RV, you will receive a notice and you are required to fill out the form given and turn it in at the office once you have completed it.  Please note, roofs must be washed as well.  It is permissible to hire someone to come wash your RV for you.  They must check in with the office upon arrival and it must be done during normal business hours of the park. All R.V.s must be in good condition and no older than 15 years. R.V.’s must be kept clean and in good condition. (No duct tape or tarps on R.V.) All guests must keep their R.V.’s and all vehicles registration current. Keep water and sewer hoses close to RV so they don’t get damaged by weed eaters or mowers. All sewer hoses must be physically threaded on and connected properly to your sewer connection.  No duct tape, broken connectors or cracked sewer hoses. No leaking fresh water hoses.  Do not remove the back flow preventer installed on the hose bib. They are required by the Duval County Health Department. If they are leaking, notify the office.

Window A/C’s are not allowed. Manufactured awnings only. Office must approve any and all canopies. Only R.V. jacks or jack stands may be used to stabilize your R.V. No camp fires on the ground. Must be in a fire pit. No temporary clothes line. R.V. must be parked next to your patio concrete slab, not on it. No platforms, decks, porches are permitted. Storage under the RV is limited to a ladder and a car dolly. No other items are allowed to be stored under RV.

Speed Limit

The speed limit in the entire park is 5 mph. Speeding is a safety hazard and is hard on our roads. Do not speed.


All visitors must check in with the office upon their initial arrival to the RV park, whether staying overnight or for the day and be must approved, by mgmt., at the office before going to your site. We must know who is coming and going in park.

It is your responsibility to ensure your visitor know and understand the Park Rules. If your visitor does not follow the rules, with or without your knowledge, you will be held responsible.  If you order a service Comcast, Direct TV, ATT etc. the appointments must be made during normal business hours of the RV Park.


Mon-Fri 12-5pm

Sat-Sun 3pm-5pm no exceptions.

Please make it clear to whomever the appointment is with, they must check in with the office.



If you have a delivery by a delivery service, you must meet them at the office. If you are using a taxi service, ride share (Uber, Lyft) you must have them pick you up in front of the office.



There will be no parking on grass and/or slabs. All of our lots are unique. They accommodate different numbers of vehicles. If you are parking in the grass, you have too many vehicles for your lot. Ask someone in the office about the parking configuration for your lot. You are responsible for parking your vehicle in the proper spot. Do not park on the road.

Do not park perpendicular to your RV Site. You are allowed a maximum of 2 vehicles. Visitor parking is for visitors only, not for persons renting an RV space. If you are not parking correctly, you will be asked to move your vehicle.

No trailers of any kind, boats, jet skis, or buildings, are allowed to be on your site. You may store them in our storage area for an additional fee or store them offsite if onsite storage not available. No working on or washing of any vehicle, except your R.V., may be done on your site. We have a wash/work station in the rear of the park for this.



All Guests must have their own tow vehicle for their RV plus proof of vehicle registration, at their time of arrival, which must be in guests name. (No RV dropoffs, No borrowing of tow vehicles) No large commercial trucks (dump trucks, semi trucks, roll off trucks, tow trucks).

Golf carts are permitted in the RV park. The operator of the golf cart is required to maintain the 5mph speed limit and stay on the roads. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the golf carts while driving.


Quiet Time

Quiet time will be from 10:00PM until 7:00 AM, 7 days a week. Please be respectful of all guests. Disturbing other guests will not be tolerated.


Monthly guests will receive a key to a mailbox in the park that corresponds to your lot number. There is no charge for the key, but if it is lose or do not return the key upon departure, you will be charged $5 to replace it.



Only non-aggressive breed dogs. You are responsible for picking up after all of your pets. Duval County, Florida (City code section 462.303) has a leash law, which means you must have your dog on a leash when you exit your R.V. No excessive barking will be tolerated. Cats are permitted to be kept in your R.V. If you take your cat outside your R.V., they must be kept on a leash at all times. Do not feed any stray/feral cats.


Issues With Other Guests

If you have any issues or complaints with another guest, you must notify someone in the office of your complaint/issue. Do not take matters into your own hands. If you feel like your safety is at risk, call 911. Otherwise, call (904)768-7270


Late Rent

Rent is due by end of day (6:00p.m.) on your due date. If you will be late. You must contact us before your due date. We understand timing sometimes isn’t the best. This cannot be a reoccurring pattern. You will still be charged $5/day late fee.


Credit Card information is automatically saved in Campspot. We are authorized to run any card on file if you vacate the property.



All trash and debris must be disposed of properly and not stored around your RV. Mattresses are not permitted to be disposed of in, on, or around the dumpster. You are responsible for removing old mattress from the property.



Tarps are for temporary use only and must be approved by the office. If you have items you need to protect from the weather, please purchase the appropriate cover for that item. For example, bicycle need to be covered, purchase a bicycle cover.


Free Wi-Fi is only to be used for web browsing, checking email, banking, etc. NO STREAMING. Remember, our Wi-Fi is, FREE. If you need an internet connection for business, school or streaming, we would suggest subscribing and getting your own internet connection installed.


Plants are permitted on your patio, there is a maximum of 4 plants permissible per site. They must be in planters (no 5 gallon buckets). They must be taken care of properly. The plants must not grow to reach our grass. We need to be able to trim the grass around the patio without harming your plants.


Office Hours

Monday           12pm - 5pm

Tuesday           12pm - 5pm

Wednesday     12pm - 5pm

Thursday         12pm - 5pm

Friday               12pm - 5pm

Sat & Sun          3pm - 5pm

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