Park Rules



  1. Daily Rate: $50/day (Water, Sewer and Electric included)

  2. Weekly Rate: $275.00/week (Water, Sewer and Electric included)

  3. 30 Amp or 50 Amp Monthly Back-In RV Site: $500.00/month plus electric (Water and Sewer included)

  4. 30 Amp or 50 Amp Monthly Pull-thru monthly rate: $550/month plus electric (Water and Sewer included)


*All sales are final. There will be no prorated rent or partial or full refunds, unless required by law. All payments must be received, in full, before moving in. This includes your first month’s rent and electric deposit.*


Speed Limit


  1. The speed limit in the entire park is 5 mph.

  2. Speeding is a safety hazard and is hard on our roads. Do not speed.




  1. There will be no parking on grass and/or slabs.

  2. All of our lots are unique. They accommodate different numbers of vehicles. Most lots will accommodate 2 vehicles. If you are parking in the grass, you have too many vehicles for your lot. Ask someone in the office about the parking configuration for your lot. You are responsible for parking your vehicle in the proper spot.

  3. Do not park on the road.

  4. Do not park perpendicular to your RV Site.

  5. We have extra spaces for overflow/guest parking available if you need it.

  6. If you are not parking correctly, you will be asked to move your vehicle.




  1. Free Wi-Fi is only to be used for web browsing, checking email, banking, etc. NO STREAMING.

    Remember, our Wi-Fi is FREE. Be considerate of others and do not stream.


Picking Up After Animals (Dog/Cat)


  1. You are responsible for picking up after all of your animals, cats and/or dogs.

  2. All pets must be on a leash at all times.

  3. Dogs, up to 40 lbs., are allowed to stay on our daily and weekly sites and must be approved by management. No aggressive breeds.


Quiet Time


  1. Quiet time will be from 10:00PM until 7:00 A.M.


Issues With Other Guests


  1. If you have any issues or complaints with another guest, you must notify someone in the office of your complaint/issue. Do not take matters in to your own hands. We will not tolerate the harassment of any guests for any reason.

  2. If you feel like your safety is at risk, call 911. Otherwise, call (904)768-7270.


Late Rent


  1. Rent is due by end of day (6:00PM, even on weekends) on your due date.

  2. If you feel you may be late, you must contact us before your due date. We understand timing sometimes isn’t the best. This cannot be a reoccurring pattern. You will still be charged $5/day late fee. Pay your rent on time.


Keeping RV And Area Neat And Clean


  1. Keep water and sewer hoses close to RV so they don’t get damaged by weed eaters or mowers.

  2. The goal of the park is to provide a safe, clean place for guests to stay, keep your area clean.

  3. Window A/C units are not allowed on any RV at any time.




  1. If you have someone visiting you, you are responsible for your guest.

  2. They must follow all the same rules as you.

  3. If your visitor does not follow the rules, with or without your knowledge, you will be held responsible.





Our office hours are:

Monday – Friday              9:00 AM to to 6:00 PM

Saturday and Sunday      3:00 PM to 6:00 PM



Management has full discretion on how to enforce any and all of the park rules.